We’re Here for You

We’re Here for You

Abortion Affects Family & Friends

You don’t have to process this alone. You can get back on track. You can find happiness again. You can be whole again.

Everyone’s reaction to abortion is different — unique to them. It’s important to recognize what you’re experiencing and find a supportive place.

What you are feeling is perfectly normal. Your life story, your personal values, even your health play a role in how you feel as abortion touches your life. The good news is that you don’t have to keep feeling the way you do. We can help.

Please be gentle with yourself and realize that your feelings are valid. We have walked the road toward healing, and we’d like to walk along with you.


While each person’s experience is different, there are some common threads. Recognizing what you are feeling can help you know how to heal.

Grandparents often grieve for the loss of their grandchild. Some of us worry deeply about our daughters or sons. We mourn the loss of our children as we knew them. We can feel angry at our child or child’s partner for the abortion. And some of us blame ourselves.


While each person’s experience is different, there are some common threads. Recognizing what you are feeling can help you know how to heal.

Brothers and sisters often grieve the loss of a sibling to abortion. Some experience a profound sense of loss. Some wonder why they survived when their sibling did not. Others feel a great sense of expectation to be perfect to replace the child who wasn’t allowed to live. The issues are complex, but the need for healing is simple.


While each person’s experience is different, there are some common threads. Recognizing what you are feeling can help you know how to heal.

Abortion reaches into the entire community. If your friend experienced an abortion and you were affected by it, you might be struggling with complex emotions you don’t believe you have any right to feel. Or, you may feel guilt that you did not offer your friend support to make a different choice. Whatever you are feeling, your experience is valid and you deserve healing so you can move forward with your life.

Whatever your experience, you deserve to heal.

Share Your Story

You can heal. You can get help. You are not alone.

There are people you can talk to – people you can trust.

We’ll never judge you, deny your feelings or dismiss your concerns.

We are here so you can be heard.

It’s easy to connect with us: byyoursidela.org/connect

Call us at (877) 301-9684. We’re here to listen.

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Have you spoken to anyone about your abortion? We know it can be a very difficult topic to bring up. You may think people will not be able to understand your feelings. You might not know what to say or how to start the conversation. Let us help you begin.

When you put your story out there, you’ll soon find out that you’re not alone and your words can help others heal as they sort out their own feelings and experiences.

We’re here for you. We’re here with you.

Join the Journey

As we journey toward wholeness, we draw on everything in our lives that gives us strength: friendship, family, hobbies, activities, faith. If faith plays a role in your life, now might be the time to deepen your faith and use its power to help you heal and find wholeness. We would like to help you find resources that draw upon your faith tradition.

Do you have a trusted friend who you can talk to about your abortion? We’re here for you and would like to hear your story. We can help you identify others in your life who will offer the support you need.

Your journey will be different from that of every other person. You may benefit from support groups, meditation, one-on-one discussion, or something else. We can help you discover what works best for you.

Give us a call: (877) 301-9684.

Email us: [email protected]

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Moving Forward

Each person is unique. There is no “graduation” process from healing, but you will begin to feel progress. Mentors and friends you make along the way can provide feedback to help you recognize how you’ve grown in your journey. Healing looks different in every person, and there are numerous resources to help keep you on the path towards peace.

Whatever it takes, the journey is worth it! When you reach the other side, you will be whole. The loss will no longer have control of you.

After healing, many family members and friends feel a desire to give back to the community, to help others who are contemplating abortion or grieving an abortion. Some want to help in other ways, by teaching or mentoring or serving. If you feel called to share your gift of healing with others, we want to hear from you! We would like to connect you with people in your community who can benefit from your generosity.

Many family members and friends also find their faith strengthened as a result of post-abortion healing. Whether you were active in a faith tradition before you began or not, you may want to become more involved now. We have resources to share and can help you find a house of worship or prayer/ministry groups.