Better Together

Better Together


Abortion is an experience unlike any other in your life. When women do talk about abortion, the language we use is different, depending on the situation. But, the overall effect is the same — abortion is not a fleeting action but a significant moment in a woman’s life, with long-lasting effects.

After healing body, mind and spirit from abortion, you can be free from abortion’s power over your life. You can recapture your joy and your peace. The experience will be forever with you, but you can be stronger because of it.

To heal, it is important to ask for forgiveness and receive forgiveness. To mend relationships with others and with yourself. To rediscover faith and deepen your understanding of our human need for grace.

You will emerge stronger. You will be amazed. We can be better together.

Making Peace

After healing, many women feel a great desire to give back to the community, to help other women either contemplating abortion or grieving an abortion. Some women want to help in other ways, by teaching or mentoring or serving. If you feel called to share your gift of healing with others, we want to hear from you! We would like to connect you with people in your community who can benefit from your generosity.


How will I know when I have fully healed?

Each person is unique and healing looks different in every person. Most importantly, you will come to accept the abortion but find that it no longer brings you down. You will experience freedom from a pain that no longer binds you. There are numerous resources to help you keep journeying, and we can help you continue along your path.

I have completed a retreat/support group. What’s next?

Mentors through each program will help you identify whether you have completed your journey or whether a next step could be helpful to you. Many women like to give back after they have been through the healing process. If you feel called to do that, let us know. We will be happy to point you in a direction you feel is right for you.

I have grown deeper in my faith through post-abortion healing. Where can I learn more?

Many women find their faith strengthened as a result of post-abortion healing. Whether you were active in a faith tradition before you began your journey or not, you may want to become more involved now. We have many resources to share and can help you find a house of worship or prayer/ministry groups.

I’d like to continue being part of a community of women who have healed from abortion. Is there a way to do that?

Often, women make friendships through healing with others who have shared similar experiences. Friendships can continue, and often take the form of working together for a cause. When you are ready, we can offer suggestions on ways to give give back through helping others.